Ways to Go Green with Your Car .

Looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly with your car? Motorists can help protect the environment by following some simple steps given below :-

  • Drive a green car
    There are now hybrids to match almost any need: two-door, four-door, SUV, luxury sedan. They get better mileage than their conventional counterparts, have cleaner emissions, and save money on gas. If a hybrid isn't in your future, try for a car with the best MPG you can find; and remember that hybrids aren't always the most efficient option, either. Also, affordable, practical electric cars and plug-in hybrids are practical for many. If that doesn't work for you, then get the most efficient regular gas car that meets your needs. But whether or not you drive a hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle, there's lots you can do to make your car cleaner right now.

  • Use green driving best practices
    Driving technique has a lot to do with your fuel economy. Avoid sudden starts and stops and go the speed limit  Not only does speeding and herky-jerky driving kill your MPG, it's dangerous. And even if no one gets hurt in a fender bender, how green is it to get a new bumper or have your car re-painted? Also, drive wise and minimize unnecessary miles by doing errands in one trip, getting good directions, and calling ahead. A lot of these techniques are known as "hypermilling" and help you maximise your fuel efficiency.

  • Stay in tune
    Getting regular tune-ups, maintenance, and having clean air filters will help you burn less gas, pollute less, and prevent car trouble down the line. Pump up: if every American's tires were properly inflated we could save around 2 billion gallons of gas each year! (Check your manual for optimal pressure). Lastly, get the junk out of the trunk! All that extra weight is sapping your fuel economy.

  • Offset your car's carbon
    There are many services out there now that can help you calculate your yearly emissions from driving and offset those greenhouse gasses through various means.

  • Look into car sharing and car pooling
    Of course. Find coworkers, neighbors, and fellow students headed the same direction. Start with one shared trip per week. Also look into car sharing programs like BlaBla Car .and other car pooling services.

  • Leave the car at home
    For shorter adventures,walk, take public transit, ride your bike (regular, electric-assisted) or skateboard, rollerblades, or even look into an electric scooter. Carrying groceries or other bulky stuff can still be done on a bike with a backpack or some slick modifications.

  • Drive part of the way
    If getting where you're going by bike or public transit alone isn't going to happen, consider driving part of the way and then jumping on public transit or your bike (a folding bike would be perfect). A great way to beat traffic!

  • Take it easy on the AC
    Use the windows to help keep the car cool. Or try an electric or Solar Fan. Parking in the shade and using a reflective windshield shade can keep your car cooler when parked, meaning it takes less to cool it off when you get back in. If you car is new, however, let it air out. That new car smell is not friendly stuff.

  • Telecommute
    Drive less with the wonders of working from home (or internet cafĂ©, treehouse, Mojave desert, etc.) With instant messaging, video chat, teleconferencing, and other world-flattening technologies, making the rush-hour trek to work and back might not be that necessary. Ask your boss or offer your employees a teleconferencing day once a week. 

  • Aspire to living car-free
    Not everyone is going to be able to do it . It will probably entail a shift in thinking and some time, but living carfree might be more within reach than you think. Living closer to work and school is a big part of it. Walking, biking, public transport, car sharing, car borrowing, and teleconferencing are an arsenal of tools to help reduce the need for a car. Give it some thought.                                                                                                                                                                      

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